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Emile Fakhoury

Friday - May 27, 2022

Failure and Success


Black and White…Fast and Slow…Small or Big…Failure and Success, it is all about perspective and how we train our minds to set expectations and see things around us in life and professional career to learn from it and become a better person.

I have seen it and practice it that failure is a cycle which is an integral part of our achievements that we accomplish in our life and career, it is like constructing a brick of achievements and using both success and failure as basic and essential elements to complete it.


Although the concept of Failure and Success is widely discussed and makes sense, it has been the subject of limited academic research to date.


There have been quite several case studies that are used in the U.S. Army and have been extended to a variety of fields. These studies concluded that individuals who discussed Failure and Success learned at higher rates than soldiers who discussed just failures.


We learn more if we review Failure and Success than if we just focus on success.

When failure happens, the most important thing is to have a deep dive review on what went wrong and how to avoid it.


This exercise of discussing Failure and Success should be embedded in the organization review process and be an integral part of the learning plan for career growth.

For the most of us, most learning will come from our day-to-day experiences. You can choose to be vulnerable and learn from your Failure and Success, and you can choose to defend yourself and reinforce your executive authority.

I would choose the first option to be vulnerable and learn actively from Failure and Success that will help you balance your emotions and decisions and become a better person to deal with Failure and Success.