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"If the minimum required number of attendees is not met, the session will be rescheduled"

Type: Course
About: Digital Supply Chain
Trainer: Ruy Martins
When: 01:00 PM-03:00 PM
Sunday - July 3, 2022
Monday - July 4, 2022
Tuesday - July 5, 2022
Wednesday - July 6, 2022
Thursday - July 7, 2022
Sunday - July 10, 2022
Monday - July 11, 2022
Tuesday - July 12, 2022
Total Hours: 16 hour(s)
Max. Participants: 10
Language: English
Ticket: $199


The Digital Supply Chain Course will cover the below topics:

- Mapping of Business Processes;

- Supply Chain Technology Evolution;

- Case Studies of Well Succeed and Failed Companies;

- Digital Disruption and Supply Chain Market Disrupters;

- Top Challenges and Priorities in Supply Chain;

- Global Trade Management;

- Supply Chain 4.0.


This course was developed with top consultant companies and applied in large overseas companies for procurement and supply chain professionals to update their knowledge of current supply chain technologies, prepare companies for the implementation of the most recent supply chain systems and implement strategies to transform global supply chains.

You can develop your capacity to implement new technologies in supply chain, learn the principles of the management systems and their propose, develop the ability to support and suggest new technologies to improve the efficiency of companies’ supply chains, apply Supply Chain 4.0 to solve most of the supply chain challenges and many other important aspects to make you a top performer supply chain professional.

Will be based on updated systems and practices developed by supply chain references like Chaifetz School of Business of the Saint Louis University, big four consultant companies from Germany, SAP, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, among other references.

You can also develop your understanding of the most disruptive supply chain technologies and how they can support the company success, what traditional and non-traditional global companies are doing to improve their supply chain efficiency, know the main supply chain challenges before and after COVID 19 and the most updated tools used in the global supply chains. 

For sure this course will transform your career and make you a much more updated professional!


This course was created to improve the performance of procurement and supply chain teams in large overseas companies worldwide.

Any level can participate, since junior procurement specialists, supply chain analysts, procurement and supply chain supervisors or managers, until directors.

It showed great effectiveness in supporting the implementation of supply chain new technologies, making them able to better identify opportunities to apply recent tools global supply chain and deliver high performance work. 

Even professionals from other fields like sales, logistics, finance, etc. can attend to develop their skills.