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"If the minimum required number of attendees is not met, the session will be rescheduled"

Type: Workshop
About: Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Trainer: Manal Tannous
When: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Wednesday - June 29, 2022
Total Hours: 2 hour(s)
Max. Participants: 12
Language: English
Ticket: $50


in this session we will:

Explore the science of emotions and emotional intelligence

Analyse why emotional intelligence is important to leadership

Determine how we can enhance EI skills within ourselves and others to help us lead, empower and thrive further


Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating the high performance, and motivating others to do things effectively and efficiently. Emotional intelligence is a key attribute that helps leaders achieve this function. There is a wealth of literature detailing the impact emotion has on individuals’ performance.

Research has shown that people perform their best at work when they feel involved in purposeful work that develops who they are, and when they feel valued, cared for, consulted, respected, informed, and understood. This research has also shown that people often perform their worst when they feel unproductive feelings, such as feeling overly worried, frustrated, concerned, stressed, inadequate and fearful.


Designed specifically for leaders. Leading with EI is built upon critical emotional intelligence behaviors and social neuroscience, designed to boost essential leadership skills.
Leaders will learn to improve how they connect, communicate, and influence others, and enhance leadership ability, personal relationships and well-being.