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Type: Course
About: Negotiation Excellence
Trainer: Ruy Martins
When: 07:00 AM-11:00 AM
Total Hours: 0 hour(s)
Max. Participants: 10
Language: English
Ticket: $199


The Negotiation Excellence Course will cover the below topics:

- Basic Concepts of Negotiation;

- Actively Control Negotiations;

- Influencing Techniques;

- Negotiation Strategy and Tactics;

- Reading People - Body Language;

- Reading People - Dominant Characters.


This course was developed with top consultant companies in Germany and applied in large overseas companies for procurement and supply chain professionals to develop their ability to negotiate, use negotiation techniques and obtain financial results.

You can develop your capacity to understand Meta communication, the basic pillars of a great negotiation and how to achieve results, develop the art of haggling, to understand the game of power behind a negotiation, how to actively control it and many other important aspects to make you a successful negotiator.

Will be full of examples and exercises like games theory, the prisoner dilemma, anchoring, deviations of rationality and the most modern concepts of Harvard and Chicago Booth School of Business.

You can also develop your knowledge of body language, personal styles, assertiveness and defensive argumentation.

Will definitely bring you to the next level!


This course was created to improve the financial results of procurement and supply chain teams in large overseas companies worldwide.

Any level can participate, since junior procurement specialists, supply chain analysts, procurement and supply chain supervisors or managers, until directors.

It showed great effectiveness in enhancing the negotiation abilities of people, making them able to increase their incomes for themselves or for the company they work at.

Even professionals from other fields like sales, logistics, finance, etc. can attend to develop their negotiation skills.