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Type: Course
About: Redefining Success
Trainer: Ghada Khalifeh
When: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Total Hours: 0 hour(s)
Max. Participants: 10
Language: English
Ticket: $59


Are you working really hard to be successful, causing you to sacrifice feeling fulfilled and joyful in the moment?

What if experiencing success could feel light, natural, and fun?

What if achieving success didn’t require you to burn yourself out or sacrifice who you are and what you want?

Take a personal journey to redefine success on your terms so you can create a more fulfilling present and more sustainable future

The purpose of this course is to take entrepreneurs and ambitious high performing women on a personal journey to discover the difference between a success that burns you, and success that fills you. You will be introduced to a new way of thinking about success, ambition, and achievement from the inside-out perspective that contributes to a more fulfilled present and sustainable future.


This course is going to support you with

Current approaches to achieving success are not fulfilling or joyful causing entrepreneurs, ambitious business owners and high performing people to sacrifice feeling their best in the present tense. Current approaches to achieving success are also not sustainable because they are causing us to sacrifice our selves, desires, joy, authenticity and alignment. People are stuck chasing the thought of being happy, fulfilled and joyful in the future, meanwhile sacrificing their ability to feel that in their process of achieving what they desire. This approach will catch up with us and cause us to have to re-evaluate our approaches . This course helps you to lay a solid foundation that will help you to create a framework and pathway to success that is more easy, joyful, aligned and authentic to you


This course is for you if:

You have been working hard, hustling and pushing without becoming as successful as you could be or sacrificing much more of your fulfillment in life than you need to

You don’t yet have an answer to the question, “What is my own definition of success?” Or it feels vague and disconnected from your daily actions.

You feel ready to embark on an intimate and transformative process of self-inquiry.

You are at a crossroads in life, the beginning of a new cycle, or simply have time on your hands to ponder life’s big questions.


What will you learn

Introduction and overview of the conditioned success

Create your own definition of success by describing in concrete, tangible detail

Assess your strengths, capabilities, genius zone, desires and needs

Behaviors difference between outside-in and inside-out approach to success

Learn how to begin de-conditioning from your own culture’s one-size-fits-all, outside-in approach to success

Learn about Fears and beliefs that keep you dependent on the outside-in approach of success

The cost and the sacrifices in the pursuit of outside-in success

How to achieve more with less effort and experience results with flow and joy

Learn about “the return” on the inside-out approach about success

Keys to access the inside-out approach

Reflect and have a concrete plan to act on your new definition of success