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Master of Science in Islamic Finance

Professional Accounting Trainer

Project Accounting and Finance Trainer

Hisham Jarrar
Location:   Saudi Arabia
Languages:   English,  Arabic
Tags:   Accounting, CMA


Master of Science in Islamic Finance




Manager at EY

Audit Senior at Deloitte

About the Trainer

I have eight years of diversified experience in professional accounting in Deloitte and EY (including managing and delivering training programmes). Also, I have academic teaching experience from a part-time lecture job at Arab American University Jenin. I hold two key professional qualifications which are: the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) from the Institute of Management Accountants (USA IMA, which is equivalent to UK CIMA). I obtained my master’s degree in finance (graduated with distinction) from Durham University Business School, UK in 2015. My master dissertation obtained the Best Dissertation in the MSc Islamic Finance Award. Besides my professional and academic experience, I have entrepreneurial skills acquired from experience running my own business for a period of four years between 2011 to 2014. I am now working as an Advisory Manager in Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) at EY which I joined in March 2016. In my current role, I work with a team of EY professionals in which we leverage our global network to develop end-to-end training journeys through innovative delivery tools leveraging bespoke training content. For example, in my most recent training project, I co-developed more than 50 tailored training materials including workshops, online courses, e-learning material, webinars, and classroom delivery for more than 500 finance and business professionals and senior executives in the public finance domain across different government agencies. This project was part of the change management and knowledge transfer initiative for Saudi Arabia public sector employees in one of the biggest governmental initiatives in the region to convert from cash basis of accounting to accrual basis. In my role at EY, I deliver the following training courses for clients and EY professionals: Introduction to the Principles of Accounting, Introduction to Corporate Finance, Fundamentals of Project Accounting and Finance, Financial Skills for Non-financial Executives, Accrual Accounting for Executives (AAE), The Accrual Basis of Accounting (ABA), International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and Financial Statement Analysis, among other. Furthermore, capitalizing on my subject matter expertise, I contribute to EY’s FAAS training solution through the design and delivery of tailored finance and business courses that add value to client personnel and meet client-specific training needs from the comprehensive finance and accounting technical needs to a full spectrum of soft skills. I leverage state-of-the-art delivery technology and solutions to provide engaging delivery and meeting audience expectations. In order to engage trainees in the class and to make their learning experience as interactive as possible, I run interactive sessions with live comments, Q&A, polls, and incorporate knowledge checks in all training sessions. I always draw on my professional expertise in enriching training experience by running real-life simulations and providing on-the-job training. In these training courses, I embed pre and post-training evaluations to measure training effectiveness against role-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). I use coaching as a learning enabler to maximize the trainees’ technical capabilities and career development by implementing an inquiry-based approach and unlocking individual potential. Specifically, I helped in the design and delivery of many client-tailored training deliverables such as International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS ) train the trainer course, co-development of bespoke cash-to-accrual (C2A) implementation course for EY, co-development of finance for non-finance professional training as part of Ministry of Health’s capacity building project for Saudi nationals. Moreover, I am part of the focus group responsible for the development of technical content at the Financial Knowledge Centre (which is part of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Finance). Finally, it is worth mentioning that I always try to further enhanc e participants' employability by allowing participants to practise questions and cases from professional accounting exams like ACCA and CMA.


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