Shashank Kumar
Location:   India
Languages:   English
Tags:   Business, PMP, Career Development, Digital Transformation, Project Management


Project Management Professional - PMP


Transformation Director at Wipro Limited

About the Trainer

I just completed three decades of my career journey. I started as a fresher in February 1992 with a small Mumbai-based software development company and now working for the third largest IT company in India at a senior level position. It feels as though life has made a full circle in these thirty years. From learning, programming using FoxPro & Clipper to Unix System Administration and Ingress Database Administration, and now managing the entire Delivery of a BU or handling large Transformation Programs for global clients, it has been a tremendous learning path! You could consider me a dreamer. I am among those who dream big and act accordingly. I have been blessed enough to have many of my dreams come true. Those that haven’t yet come to fruition are the ones that I am still working towards achieving. In the past two years, while working from home during the global pandemic, I started meditating and had a chance to do some introspection. I realized that I have learned a lot through my persistent efforts, after lot of struggle, and now it is time for me to give back to society. I know how difficult it is for a newcomer to get a foothold into the corporate world, especially when one does not have the background of premier institutions and family legacy or strong network connections. You have to prove your worth time and again, in every organization & role that you take up. Performing to the best of one’s ability or meeting someone’s expectations is one thing but proving your worth is different because an element of perception is always present. A plethora of information at one’s fingertips was not prevalent during my days. This meant keeping ourselves updated with the latest technologies, trends, corporate culture etc. was obviously the biggest challenge. Somehow or the other, I kept learning to keep myself in tune not only with new technology but also with the changing society. I don’t think anyone is too old to keep learning, even now I am studying in pursuit of completing a Ph.D. in Management. If I could make a positive impact on someone’s life by shaping their career, helping in their education, guiding them in their career selection, or by coaching & mentoring them, I will feel a sense of accomplishment that not many others are privileged enough to experience. Areas, where I can train and help students & professionals, are - (1) Project Management (2) Program Management (3) IT Service Delivery Operations (4) ITIL4.0 (5) INDUSTRY4.0 (6) Leadership (7) Business Continuity Management (8) Emotional Intelligence (9) Soft Skills/Behavioral Skills training (10) Career Counselling


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