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Type: Workshop
About: Positive Intelligence
Trainer: Saadeddine Salem
When: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Total Hours: 0 hour(s)
Max. Participants: 15
Language: English
Ticket: $50


Your mind can be either your best friend or your greatest enemy.

In this workshop we will be covering the different types of sabotage your mind may use against you as we are not always aware when or how we self sabotage ourselves. in addition to that, we will go through each saboteur in-depth and discuss the characteristics, thoughts, and even feelings of each saboteur.

Last but not least, we will train your mind to have a more friendly approach to life so you can use your mind in a more positive way.


We all have saboteurs and I believe we need to train our minds and work on our mindset in order to make our minds our best friends rather than our biggest enemies. The challenge in life is the way you react to circumstances that you counter. with the right mindset and with the right way of dealing with your saboteurs, you will surely have a different approach to life.


This workshop can benefit everyone of all ages as we all faced self-sabotage in our lives.

University students in addition to business people and entrepreneurs can use these skills and tools to their advantage to improve their lives and even perform better in their classes, with their employees, in their business.

Remember that your saboteurs are meant to play tricks on you, so be prepared to acknowledge them and not let them get the best out of you.