Type: Course
About: Inventory and Warehouse Management
Trainer: Ahmed Mousa
When: 12:00 PM-03:00 PM
Total Hours: 0 hour(s)
Max. Participants: 10
Language: English
Ticket: $125.00


In this course, we will discuss the principles of Warehouse and Inventory Management including the below topics:

Inventory Management:

The purpose of inventory management

The life cycle of inventory

The impact of inventory management on supply chain

Aggregate Inventory Management

Stock Replenishment Systems

Stock Valuation Methods 

Stages of Inventory Control

Warehouse Management:

Warehouse key activities

Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Location and Layout

Resources & equipment’s Required for warehouse operations

The importance of technological advancements (Including RFID)  within a warehouse.

Warehouse Safety & Best Practices 


- You will understand the principles of inventory management and how to replenish the inventory and reduce the overall cost.

- You will be able to manage inventory cycle counting process to improve overall inventory accuracy.

- You will learn the warehouse management activities and operations.

- You will be able to correctly choose the location and layout of the warehouse.

- You will get to know the latest technologies used in warehouse management.

- You will be able to keep your warehouse & workers safe and apply the best practices techniques in managing the warehouse.


This course is designed for whoever works in:

- Inventory Management

- Warehouse Management

- Material Planning